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- European Commission: Enlargement with Turkey

- DNA-research in Central-Asia: 2000 year old Turkish DNA

- Sons of the same God: Turks and Indians

- Etnologic rapport: Turkish-Altaic Language Family

- Birthplace of civilization: 11.500 year old Göbekli Tepe

- Genetic research: Turkic and American tribes

- Archeological findings: Amazone (women-)warriors

- Italy: are the Etrusks of Turkish origin?

- The Armenian Issue: the events of 1915

- The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Reports concerning Turkey

- The American Center of Khazar Studies: A Resource for Turkic and Jewish History in Russia and Ukraine

- The Dutch Broadcast Foundation (NOS): Turkey and the European Union

- Altay: the native lands of Turkic tribes for over 5000 years now

- Gene D. Matlock: "All human beings descend from the Turks."

- Turkey and India: Fathers of Civilization


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